Verification is the process of confirming the eligibility for free and reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program. Below you will find links to several resources available to assist you with the Verification process. All LEAs must submit the on-line Verification Report by February 1 of each school year.

Eligibility Manual for School Meals, Revised August 2014 (Determining and Verifying Eligibility) Part 9 begins guidance on Verification
What is Verification?
Verification Best Practices Schedule for School Year 2014-2015
Eligibility Flow Chart
Phase One: PREPARE
  • To complete all requirements of Verification, the LEA must have Common Logon access to: CNP Direct Certification/Direct Verification and CNP Verification
  • Verification Sample Size Calculator
    When you first arrive to the calculator website, press CTRL and F5 simultaneously to refresh your page. You will then be using the most updated version of the calculator.
Phase Three: VERIFY
Verification Tracking Form PDF Word
1. Confirmation Review
2. Direct Verification
  • Step by Step Instruction: How to Conduct Direct Verification (Full version)
3. Verification Notice to households
  • Notification of Verification Letter (English)
PDF Word
  • Notification of Verification Letter (Spanish)
PDF Word
Acceptable Documentation Resources
4. Verification Notice of Results to households
  • Letter of Verification Results (English)
PDF Word
  • Letter of Verification Results (Spanish)
PDF Word
Phase Four: REPORT
  • Need help filling out the CNP Verification Summary Report? Click here for technical assistance from ADE
  • Submitting Verification Summary Report on CNPVerification (submit no later than February 1st)


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