Training and Professional Development

ADE trainings offer a variety of Learning Topics that fulfill the USDA Professional Standards Rule. These trainings are given in multiple formats. Click here for more information on the USDA Professional Standards Rule.

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Regional Trainings (Face-to-Face)

Professional Standards
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How- To-Guides (Online Presentations)

Web-based Training (Online Training)

    • Verification Review
      • This web-based training and comprehension assessment will provide detailed information about the processes and timelines for verification.  It also includes links to helpful resources and SFAs can review the information to prepare for verification.  Those who correctly answer 8 out of the 10 questions on the comprehension assessment can receive a certificate of completion for 2 hours of training.  Please note, assessment results will be reviewed once per week and you will be contacted promptly if the assessment needs to be completed again.
    • Applying for a Provision 2/3 Base Year  
    • Operating a Provision 2/3 Non-Base Year – (Training requirement has been updated. This training is only required for SFAs who are operating their first non-base year for Provision 2 or 3)
      • This web-based training and worksheet is REQUIRED for SFAs who are operating their first non-base year for Provision 2 or 3. SFAs must score an 80% or higher to complete the training requirement and receive a Certificate of Completion.  The training will review procedures unique to non-base year operations such as claiming and counting procedures and the verification report.  SFAs approved to operate Provision 2 or 3 should refer to memorandum Special Assistance Certification, Provision 2 (or 3) for more details on this training requirement.
    • Community Eligibility Provision
      • This web-based training and worksheet is REQUIRED for SFAs who are applying to operate under the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). All SFAs applying to operate CEP must watch the training and complete the training worksheet no later than August 31. Please note, the training must be completed and the worksheet must be submitted as part of the CEP application process.