General Statement of Assurance

A General Statement of Assurance (GSA) guarantees accountability to the United States and the State by recipients of Federal and State assistance grants. The LEA assures, if awarded a grant, subgrant, or contract that it will accept funds in accordance with applicable Federal and State statutes, regulations, program plans, and applications.  In addition to the GSA, LEAs must be registered with with a current Central Contractor Registry (CCR) expiration date.  Instructions on the site printout is are located here or in the Grants Management Enterprise System (GME) document library under GSA Forms.  

Please note that Grants Management does not get notification when LEA’s update their CCR expiration date and therefore LEA’s must provide a current expiration date annually.

The GSA is –

  • Electronically submitted annually to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Grants Management Office by May 15th annually
  • Signed by an authorized representative (blue or black ink)

Instructions for Submitting a GSA to Grants Management:

Grants Management has put together a checklist to assist you in being successful when completing your 2017 GSA.  Please click here to download a copy.  Please note this checklist should NOT be attached to the GSA and is only for your assistance.

As a reminder, Grants Management does not maintain user access within Grants Management Enterprise System (GME). Each entity is responsible for auditing their own access and granting appropriate access to users.  Grants Management recommends that an audit of access be done at least once a quarter to ensure those that have access are authorized to have it.  It is further recommended that each entity have at least two user access administrators in the GME.

If you have questions regarding the GSA and its requirements, or need help understanding how to fill it out correctly, call the Grants Management Office at (602) 542-3901 or email at [email protected]

2017 GSA is available here.
Last updated: 4/7/2016