FY2016 JTED Soft Capital

Pursuant to Laws 2015, Chapter 8, Section 34:

The department of education shall distribute the appropriated amount to joint technical education districts with fewer than two thousand average daily membership pupils for soft capital and equipment expenses.  The appropriated amount shall be allocated on a pro rata basis based on the average daily membership of eligible joint technical education districts.

FY16 Soft Capital for JTED Distributions

FY2015 Statewide Recalculation

FY 2015 Statewide Recalculation

The Fiscal Year 2015 Statewide Recalculation has been completed. This is based on data submitted by June 30, 2015 (brick and mortar) and July 15, 2015 (AOI). Positive payment adjustments will be included in the FY 2016 September payment by APOR/CHAR 64-1 report as the lump sum adjustment. Negative payment adjustments are to be taken over the entire fiscal year, beginning with the October payment; with 3/12ths taken in October and 1/12th each month after. Hardship applications are available if a district/charter needs to spread the adjustment out over two fiscal years instead of one. In an approved hardship situation, 75% will be taken back in FY 2016 and 25% will be taken in FY 2017. Hardship applications can be found through the link below and must be received no later than September 15, 2015. Please email the form to Xin.Liu@azed.gov.

FY 15 Statewide Recalc Resolution Form

FY15 Statewide Recalculation Payment Adjustment



FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY2016 Preliminary Charter Additional Assistance reduction has been calculated based on the estimated counts submitted successfully by 7/15/2015 by 4:30pm.

This reduction will be recalculated once all the LEAs reach the 100th day. The final calculation will be based on the 100th day ADM.

FY16 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

Preliminary FY2016 District Additional Assistance Reductions

The preliminary FY2016 DAA reductions have been calculated and can be found below:

Preliminary FY16 District Additional Assistance Reduction

FY2015 CEC

FY2015 CEC payments have been distributed. Here are the payment details.

FY 2015 CEC Payments

Charter Small School Weights FY16

To:  All charter holders and charter operators

Budget worksheets and forms for charters will be issued early next week.  Worksheets have been modified to assist in calculating adjustments.

Beginning with fiscal year 2015-2016, A.R.S §15-185, as amended by Laws 2015, Chapter 15, Section 1,  phases out small school weight eligibility for associated state sponsored charter schools over a three year period when the combined student count for kindergarten through 8th grade or the combined student count for 9th grade through 12th grade exceeds 600.    More detailed information is provided in the attached document.

All charter holders are required to submit a “Charter Small School Weight FY16 Statement of Assurance” in order to properly implement this new language no later than June 15, 2015 (link below).

 Eligibility for small school weights remain only when a charter holder, with no association to another charter holder, holds a single charter and student counts for this charter for kindergarten through 8th grade or student counts for 9th grade through 12th grade are less than 600.

In the scenario where a single charter holder has multiple charters and  the combined student count for kindergarten through 8th grade or the combined student count for 9th grade through 12th grade are less than 600, the enacted amendments eliminate eligibility on July 1, 2015, with no phase down.  The Department of Education intends to seek amendment to legislation during the next regular session, which would provide a phase down in this scenario.  However, until this is passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor, funding will be based on student count weights of 1.158 for kindergarten and grades 1 through 8 and 1.268 for grades 9 through 12.

In order to insure that payments of state aid comply with new legislation and to prevent over-payments which would result in reductions to subsequent payments, charters for which a “Charter Small School Weight FY16 Statement of Assurance” has not been completed by June 15, 2015, will be funded based on student count weights of 1.158 for kindergarten and grades 1-8 and 1.268 for grades 9-12 until the statement of assurance has been submitted.

If the statement of assurance is submitted after  fiscal year 2015-2016 state aid payments have be made, adjustments to subsequent payments will be made based on submitted statement .

The statement of assurance must be completed by the charter holder or an authorized person.  The statement of assurance is available at: http://www.azed.gov/policy/2015/04/23/charter-small-school-weight-fy16-statement-of-assurance/#gf_4

Please contact ADE’s School Finance Division if you have any questions.

The School Finance Contact Information

Main line: (602) 542-5695

e-mail: SchoolFinance@azed.gov

Charter Small School Weight FY16 May 15 2015

FY2015 May 100th day APOR 55-2 reports are available

The May APOR 55-2 reports have been published and are available since many districts are working on May budget revisions. Please see your district’s report here.

Instructional Improvement Fund

FY15 IIF payment 1 has been processed successfully with the new system and it will be distributed by 2/3/2015.

Please go to the following website to access the LEA detailed report and county report:


Transwestern Pipeline State Aid Correction

Attention Districts: Transwestern Pipeline

 Transwestern pipeline state aid adjustment has been included by January 2015 payment in APOR64-1 report. 

FY 2015 December BUDG25 Reports have been posted

The December FY 2015 BUDG25 Reports have been posted to each district’s budget reports home page of the ADE School Finance website.  Any FY 2014 fund over-expenditure amount(s) will not be reflected on the FY 2015 BUDG25 until January. To download and review a specific district selection, please follow this link: https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp.

Thank you for contacting the School Finance budget team with any budget questions by emailing sfbudgetteam@azed.gov.