Archive — Month: March 2012

Published: March 29th, 2012

April Monthly Processing

April’s Integrity and Aggregation processing will begin on April 2. All data submitted (or in the case of file uploads, files processed) prior to 5:00 p.m. on April 1 will be included in the April processing and in May’s ADMS46-1 reports.

Published: March 16th, 2012

ADM Data for April

100th day ADM data is now available for Charters whose 100th day occurred prior to March 4. This information can be reviewed on the ADMS 40 series reports (including the 46-1 report) at This data will be used for the April payment. For Charters who had not reached their 100th day prior to March 4, [Read more…]

Published: March 15th, 2012

TEI Calculation Completed

In accordance with A.R.S. §15-941, we have completed the Teacher Experience Index (TEI) calculation. You may view your TEI report in the SDER (School District Employee Report) application in Common Logon or by going to the public SDER Reports page. We have uploaded files from ESI and SmartSchoolsPlus to identify your purchased services personnel (PSP) [Read more…]

Published: March 14th, 2012

Kudos to Chandler USD!

A special thank you is in order for Chandler Unified District! Chandler’s research that they conducted is most appreciated by School Finance and will assist us immensely with tackling the related issue at hand. Kudos to you, Chandler,  for your hard work and diligence.  You are appreciated!

Published: March 12th, 2012

Statewide Integrity Run Underway

All Integrity flags will be dirtied and Integrity will be run for the entire state beginning Monday, March 12. Aggregation will not be run. This is being done for planning purposes to obtain a benchmark for how long the Statewide Integrity run will take during the next Statewide Integrity run on May 19. That Integrity [Read more…]