• FERPA Waiver - Your child’s information is private and ADE will not share it unless a parent expressly directs us to do so by filling out this form and submitting it to our staff. Even then, we will (even with consent) not discuss private financial information with outside parties.
  • Bank Consent Form - The program runs on a debit card. To open the account you have to provide The Department with certain information that is shared only with the bank to get started.
  • MCC Code Request - These debit cards have codes that allow them to operate. The Department only allows charges to certain code types that are educational. Think one needs to be opened? Send us a request and we’ll review it.
  • Certification Add Request Form -  Since the law requires that all therapists and tutors be  licensed and accredited you must provide that proof before hiring anyone. The Department may request additional information in an audit to be sure the rules of the program are being follow. If it’s a certification The Department has never heard of, send a request and we’ll do the research. 
  • MET Reevaluation Waiver:  This form allows you, the parent, to return to the last public school attended (that evaluated and wrote your child’s MET prior to accepting an ESA), and have the public school sign the waiver if they concede that the primary category for special education remains the same.  This waiver replaces the MET and is valid for 3 years from the date signed by the school.  *Note: If the school refuses to sign the waiver and requires additional testing, the Department will not interfere with their decision to reevaluate your child.