Frequently Asked Questions

Review the allocations spreadsheet at

Title IID program funding was eliminated in the FY12 Federal budget.  

View the on-demand training module available on ADE’s website at or visit our E-Rate website at

Information about Arizona State Master Contract Information .

You can view the approved technology plan spreadsheet at

You can visit the Technology Plan Toolkit at

Grade level implementation guides are available at under the section labeled “By Grade Level.”

There are a variety of resources that can be helpful:

  1. ADE Calendar of Events Online for Technology Workshops”yes”&GroupID=37
  2. Arizona Technology Integration Matrix
  3. On IDEAL click on Professional Development Catalog.

Contact the IDEAL Help Desk 602-542-7378 or 1-866-577-9636 or

Please see the IDEAL FAQs at

Yes, that is true. In order to have more direct oversight over IDEAL and the services this website provides, we will be moving the website, content and platform from Arizona State University (ASU) to ADE. We anticipate this move to occur Thursday, June 14, 2012.

During this move, we expect that IDEAL will be unavailable on Thursday, June 14th, 2012 and you will be unable to access IDEAL while we move the website, content and platform. Complete service will be restored by Friday, June 15th.

While this is an exciting change, we realize you might have questions along the way. We have created a special website for this move that will contain answers to many of your questions along with a calendar of events to help you prepare.

Good question. All professional development certificates will still be available with your current IDEAL login.  There is no change.