Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five

What is this grant all about?

Arizona’s goals for children and families are: to prepare more children from vulnerable populations to enter school prepared to succeed; to create a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative, and high-quality early childhood system that supports the development, health, and early education of all Arizona’s children birth through age 5; to use collaboration and coordination of the early childhood education system to maximize parent knowledge and choice; engage all partners with a vested interest in Arizona’s children ages 0-5; and leverage our resources (time, funding, and effort) to ensure work is aligned and coordinated so as not to duplicate or supplant other federal or state initiatives.

Arizona’s grant proposal has three parts: In Part 1, we provide a layout of the proposed planning year, including the plan for partner and community engagement in regions across the state, organized in seven local planning committees (LPCs). The focus will be on data analysis as the foundation for planning. LPCs will collect, review, analyze, and plan using data. In Part 2, we propose providing adequate professional development and technical assistance on evidence-based tools for program evaluation and implementation planning to increase the likelihood of the LPCs creating community-specific strategic plans of action and informing the development of a statewide strategic plan aimed to effect change on a scale necessary to meet Arizona’s goals of increasing the percentage of three and four-year old children in quality early learning settings and improving third grade reading proficiency. In Part 3, we identify current early childhood education system-level initiatives happening in Arizona (based on recent needs assessments) and determine either opportunities for increasing access to or improving the quality of the early childhood education system or filling an existing gap. The resources used at the local and statewide levels will leverage current needs assessments and strategic plans of partner organizations in Arizona’s early childhood education system as they determine areas to enhance, supplement, complement, and in some cases, fill voids.

Local Planning Committee Regions:

Region 1: Apache, Coconino, and Navajo Counties     ♦    Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 2: Maricopa County     ♦    Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 3: Mohave County    ♦    Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 4: Pima and Santa Cruz Counties   ♦    Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 5: Pinal County   ♦   Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 6: Yavapai County   ♦   Click here to see LPC Meeting details

Region 7: Yuma County   ♦    Click here to see LPC Meeting details


If you are a Parent/Family Member, Early Childhood Education Practitioner, or Early Childhood Education Supporter then we need you to join our Regional Local Planning Committees to help accelerate and collaborate around this critical work. Please click the following link to complete our PDG B-5 Local Planning Committee Membership Form