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Arizona Charter Schools Program (AZCSP)

Project Years 2018-20 Subgrantee* Grants Management Application Access Instructions

* In compliance with Uniform Guidance § 200.330, AZCSP awardees have been determined to be subrecipients or subgrantees of CFDA 84.282 A awarded to the Arizona Department of Education, Charter Schools Program, October 1, 2015. Subrecipients will also be known as non-federal entities.

Any Arizona not-for-profit entity may apply for this grant. The AZCSP grant is aligned with the US Department of Education Charter Schools Program Priorities and the submitted application will be scored in light of these priorities.

All applicants will be subject to review of their previous state and federal education performance. 2 CFR§200.205 (1)

When submitting all information related to the AZCSP within ADE portals and formats, the applicant must use Internet Explorer and upload documents in pdf format.  Apple Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers will not interface with ADE IT systems.

Important Note:   The applicant must submit written confirmation to AZCSP ([email protected]) identifying the following:

  1. The LEA Authorized Representative’s name,
  2. The LEA Authorized Representative’s contact email address and contact phone number
  3. The corporation’s name including the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                   a) Its AZ Corporation Commission File; b) Its DUNS Number
  4. City and general location the school.

Without submitting this information to AZCSP, the applicant will be locked out of the Grants Management Enterprise system.

The following tasks must be completed before accessing to ADE Grants Management Portal:

I. How to obtain AZ Nonprofit Corporation Status:

The applicant(s) must form a new Arizona nonprofit corporation or be a part of an existing Arizona nonprofit corporation.

  1. http://www.azcc.gov/Divisions/Corporations/records/Records.asp Click the Starting a Business
  2. A window will appear with various sub links.
  3. Read the links.
  4. Articles of Incorporation are at the following Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) website: http://www.azcc.gov/Divisions/Corporations/forms/starpas/formsSTPS/C011-Articles-of-Incorporation-Nonprofit.pdf?d=665
  5. Follow the instructions to fill out and submit the necessary information to the ACC.

II. How to register with the federal government as a vendor: System Awards Management (SAM)

The corporation must create a User Account and register at the federal System Awards Management webpage https://www.sam.gov/portal/SAM/#1.

III. How to obtain a DUNS Number

If the corporation is new, it will need to obtain a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. http://www.dnb.com/duns-number.html.

Without completing these tasks, the corporation will be unable to enter the Grants Management Enterprise (GME) website and be unable to apply.

The above tasks are external to the Arizona Department of Education. None of the links reside in ADE nor does ADE provide Technical Assistance to complete them.

Applicants will receive instruction on how to become a Local Educating Agency (LEA) and gain ADE School Finance and Grants Management Enterprise access in June 2016.


AZ CSP Subgrantee Monitoring, Authorizer Monitoring, and Charter Closure Procedures