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Grant Status Update: The Arizona Charter Schools Program (AZ CSP) completed its five-year grant cycle this past April 2014.  No more grant applications will be accepted nor will any additional grants be made.  The role of the AZ CSP will consist of on-site and desk monitoring of sub-grantees as well as providing technical assistance.  Future funding to support startup charter schools through competitive grant applications is dependent upon US Congressional action. Arizona Charter School Program Mission: AZ Charter School Program Ensures High-Quality Educational Choices by Selecting, Monitoring, and Assisting Transformative Leaders. Arizona Charter School Program Vision: Challenging Curriculum, Engaging Instruction and Rigorous Assessment Description: The Arizona Charter Schools Program (AZ CSP) is a competitive start-up grant that supports visionary leaders who will form charter schools which will improve student achievement to high academic standards and improve high school student achievement and graduation rates.  Special preference will be awarded to those leaders who form schools in urban and rural areas with a history of poor academic performance.


AZ CSP Subgrantee Monitoring, Authorizer Monitoring, and Charter Closure Procedures