Grantees shall prepare and submit all reports required by the Department in a timely and accurate manner.

Required Reports:

    • Annual Performance Report (APR)
    • Grantee Profile
    • 21st CCLC Site Evaluation Report
    • 21st CCLC Students Attendance Database
    • Summary of Classes Offered Report
    • Completion Report
    • Renewal Application


Due Dates:

Grant Accountability Dates FY14 - Printable

January 24, 2014 Summary of Classes Report
April 2, 2014 Last day for Amendments
June 6, 2014 Grants Management -  Renewal Application
June 27, 2014 Summary of Classes Report
August 8, 2014 PPICS – Annual Performance Report (APR) for FY14
August 8, 2014 Site Evaluation Report for FY14
August 8, 2014 Student Attendance Database for FY14
September 28, 2014 Grants Management -  Completion Report for FY14


Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS)

The PPICS is a Web-based data collection system which collects required federal reporting information for the US Department of Education (ED) from all 21st CCLC programs.

Annual Performance Report (APR)

The purpose of entering data on the PPICS system, including the Annual Performance Report (APR), is to keep your site in compliance with federal reporting requirements. The data also supports evaluation, sustainability, continuous improvement and compliance monitoring.


Grantee Profile (Tab of the APR)

The data entered in the Grantee Profile should reflect your current program. It is important that the Grantee review it once a year to make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.


ADE 21st CCLC Office (submit to assigned Education Program Specialist)


Site Evaluation Report

The evaluation report serves as an annual evaluation for grantees to assess their progress toward achieving their goals of providing high quality opportunities for academic enrichment. In addition, grantees should use their results to strengthen program or activities, and to refine performance measures. Results should be made available to the public upon request.

 Additional Tools:


Student Attendance Database

This requirement will necessitate grantees to submit a database to the Arizona Department of Education which includes the SAIS ID and number of days attended. This will be required for all students who participated at least one day in the program. Data will be used for State Level Evaluation and for cross reference of the Annual Performance Report.

When you are ready to submit your Student Attendance Database to your ADE Specialist, make sure to save it with the  following the naming convention – YourDistrictName.YourSchoolName.2012_13 CCLC AttendanceWorksheet

Note:  It is important that the district and school be readily identifiable by looking at the naming convention.

Attendee Data Tab

1. Columns A-F [labeled Site Entity ID*, Student SAIS ID, Student Last Name, Student First Name, Grade (K-12), Total Number of Days Attended] must be submitted via email to your ADE 21st CCLC program specialist. *Site Entity ID has been added this year.  Please make sure that you enter the correct Entity ID for your site.  This column should be exactly the same for each student entered.

 2.  Columns H - AA will be required data in the federal APR online in PPICS.  (AIMS Data will NOT be collected on the APR this year)

* Please note that column G titled, “Attendee ID” is NOT completed by grantees. This section is populated by PPICS with dummy numbers for the APR.

Instruction Tab

The second tab of the spreadsheet (found at the bottom of the Student Attendance Database spreadsheet) provides additional instructions on the use of the spreadsheet.

Lookup Data Tab – DO NOT ALTER

The third tab of the spreadsheet should NOT be altered, as the data on the third tab is used for spreadsheet functionality.


Summary of Classes Offered Report

This spreadsheet provides ADE staff with a snapshot of what classes are being offered and the number of students that are being served. It enables ADE staff to provide technical assistance throughout the year to grantees that may need additional guidance instead of waiting to receive data at the end of the year in the APR.

Summary of Classes Report – First report due no later than January 24, 2014

Helpful Tips/Reminders for completing the report are listed below:

  • Place the OFFICIAL District/Organization Name and the School Site Name on line 3.  Provide information for each site on a separate tab. There are enough tabs created for 10 site reports. Tabs are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  • If your district has multiple award Cycle years of funding, please submit the reports for each grant Cycle in a separate Summary of Classes spreadsheet.
  • List each class separately- If you are offering more than one class with the same name, please include the teacher’s name or some identifier (ex. 3rd Grade Reading- Ms. Seitzinger, 3rd Grade Reading-Mr. Yazzie).
  • Include the measurable grant objective number(s) after each class name/activity to show which of your own 21st CCLC grant objective(s) each class is designed to support.
  • Fill out all fields (Please do not forget the Projected Number of Regular Attendees and the Regular Number of Attendees to date at the top right of each tab)
  • Make sure you save frequently so that you do not lose any information.

You will use the same form to report on the rest of the program year when the second report is due on June 27, 2014. For the June report, 21st CCLC sites will simply update the report with the year-end classes to encompass the whole program year.

Summary of Classes Offered Excel Spreadsheet – Summary of Classes Offered (District Name) FY 2014             

Grants Management Enterprise (GME) System

Through this system, you will report:

Amendments (both budgetary and programmatic) – as needed

An amendment is a request for a change in the original grant application.  It can be for a fiscal change or a programmatic change or both.  In general terms, amendments must honor the original integrity and intent of the awarded grant proposal.  Last day to submit amendments is early April.  (Check with GME for exact date)

How to Submit 21st CCLC Amendments

Cash Management Reports - ongoing

This is a report used to submit required information showing the amount of federal project monies on hand on the report date.

Completion Report - yearly

This is a yearly report of the actual expenditures for a grant/project and is required for all grants/projects.

Renewal Application - yearly

This application provides user access to enter and submit minor changes in the grant from year to year operation.  This can include programmatic changes and budgetary changes but must honor the original integrity and intent of the awarded grant proposal.  This application asks for some performance data to determine if full funding is to be awarded in the next school year cycle.  In addition, this allows the applicant to access payments in accordance with the schedule requested.

Contact Information

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