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21APR Quick Guide 1 – Getting Started

21APR Quick Guide 2 – Navigation Basics

21APR Quick Guide 6 – Activities

21APR Quick Guide 7 – Staffing

21APR Quick Guide 8 – Participation

21APR Quick Guide 10 – Outcomes – Teacher Surveys

21APR Quick Guide 11 – Outcomes – Grades

21APR System Tutorial

Grantees shall prepare and submit all reports required by the Department in a timely and accurate manner.

Report guidance and report templates were updated in Spring of 2014.

Required Reports:

    • Summary of Classes Report
    • Annual Performance Report (APR)
    • 21st CCLC Site Evaluation Report
    • 21st CCLC Students Attendance Database
    • Continuing (renewal) Application
    • Completion Report


Due Dates For Continuing (Renewal) Grantees:



January 22, 2016 Summary of Classes Report
April 18, 2016 Continuing (Renewal) FY17 Application Online
June 3, 2016 Continuing (Renewal) FY17 Application DUE
June 1, 2016 Last day for Revisions
June 24, 2016 Summary of Classes Report
August 5, 2016 Student Attendance Report for FY16
August 5, 2016 Site Evaluation Report for FY16
Annual Performance Report (APR) for FY16
September 29, 2016 Completion Report for FY16

Thank you in advance for completing your 21st CCLC reports on time.

Early submissions of reports are always welcome.  

 Annual Performance Report (APR)

 All 21st CCLC grantees are required to complete annual reporting online in the Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS) federal data collection system for the US Education Department (ED).

Site Evaluation Report

The Site Evaluation Report serves as an annual opportunity for grantees to assess their progress toward achieving their goals of providing high quality opportunities for academic enrichment and to strengthen the 21st CCLC program or activities. Results should be made available to the public upon request.

Click on the links below for instructions, the Site Evaluation Report template and the Self-Assessment Compliance Worksheet, which will help gather date needed to complete the online Compliance Self-Assessment.

Student Attendance Report

All Arizona 21st CCLC grantees must submit a Student Attendance Report to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) using the report template and guidance that are provided in the link below.  ADE requires using a secure file transfer method for submitting these reports.  (See guidance link below for information on secure file delivery.)    UPDATE:  There is a NEW secure file transfer method to SUBMIT the Student Attendance Report  template (see Guidance on How to Submit below).

Click here for Guidance on Completing the Student Attendance Report (updated 06.08.15)
Click here for Guidance on “How to Submit”  (updated 06.08.15)
Click here for Student Attendance Report template (update 06.08.15)

Summary of Classes Report

This spreadsheet provides ADE staff with a snapshot of what classes are being offered and the number of students that are being served. It enables ADE staff to provide technical assistance throughout the year to grantees that may need additional guidance instead of waiting to receive data at the end of the year in the APR.

All Arizona 21st CCLC grantees must submit a Summary of Classes Report to the Arizona Department of Education using the report template and guidance provided in the link below.

Click here for the Summary of Classes Report template (Updated January 5, 2016)

Arizona Department of Education (ADE) Grants Management Enterprise (GME) system

FY14 amendments, cash management reports, and completion reports are submitted in the ADE Grants Management system at

FY15 and later Grants Management applications, amendments and reports are submitted in the ADE Grants Management system in the new ADE Connects system at

All of the applications and reports below are completed online in the ADE Grants Management system.

Application Revisions (Amendments) – as needed

An application revision (formerly called a grant amendment) is a request for a change in the approved grant application. Revisions can be submitted for either budgetary or programmatic changes, or for both. Revisions must honor the integrity and intent of the original awarded grant proposal. The last day to submit revisions is in early April.

Cash Management Reports – ongoing

This is a report used to submit expenditure information monthly for reimbursement to the fiscal agent for the grant.

Completion Report – yearly

This is a yearly report of the actual expenditures for a grant/project and is required for all grants/projects.

Continuing (Renewal) Application – yearly

This application provides user access to enter and submit minor changes in the grant from year to year operation. This can include programmatic changes and budgetary changes but must honor the integrity and intent of the original awarded grant proposal. This application asks for some performance data to determine if full funding is to be awarded in the next school year cycle. In addition, this allows the applicant to access payments in accordance with the requested budget.

Important Announcement:   Funding Applications for Fiscal Year 2016: 21st Century Community Learning Centers Continuing Year 2, Year 4 and Year 5 are now CLOSED in the Grants Management System which is accessible through ADEConnect.

Click here for 21st Century Community Learning Centers- Continuing Application (Word form)

Click here for 21st CCLC Continuing Grant Application Guidance

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