Arizona State Board of Education

2018-2019 Menu of Assessments for Grades 9-12

  • Prior to administering an assessment from the Menu of Assessments in lieu of the ELA and Mathematics statewide assessment in high school, a local education agency is required to submit annual notification to the Board and the Arizona Department of Education. Schools that are administering the statewide assessment are not required to submit notification.

    Pursuant to State Board policy, the locally selected assessment from the Menu of Assessments must be administered at the identified school for at least three consecutive academic years. In addition, for 2018-2019 school year, the selected assessment(s) will be locally procured and LEAs will work directly with selected vendor to locally administer the assessment(s).

    Prior to submitting this form, review Arizona Revised Statutes 15-741.02 and the Board’s Menu of Assessments Policy. The form must be completely filled out below and be submitted by July 1, 2018, to notify the State of the LEA’s intent to administer a test on the ADE Menu of Assessment list.

    After the LEA’s submission is received, the LEA will receive a confirmation notification.

  • Contact Information

  • I affirm, As Superintendent or Designee, that all State statues, policies and technical assistance documents pertaining to the Menu of Assessments have been reviewed.
  • School Information

  • If the assessment provider has not informed the LEA, the provider shall notify the LEA and the Department as soon as practicable.