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How-To for AzEDS REST API Use Case Scenarios

Below is the current version of the Use Case Scenarios and Release Notes for both the sandbox and production. Please note that Release Notes are updated for major releases.

The Change Log, located in the tab below, will serve as a reference for any previous or historical versions.

  • API 3.0 Sandbox – December 30, 2016
  • API 3.0 Production – July 1, 2017

The Year End Code Changes in Use Case 3.0 Document is also available for reference.

Current Use Case Scenarios and Release Notes
Last Updated Date PRODUCTION AzEDS Rest API 3.0 Release # in FY2018 PRODUCTION Use Case Document for FY2018 PRODUCTION API 3.0 Last Updated Date FY2017 API 2.3.5 AzEDS Rest API 2.3.5 Release # in FY2017 Use Case Document for FY2017 API 2.3.5
09/14/17 (see change log) 3.0 – Release Notes 3.0 – Use Case 11/21/16 (see change log) 2.3 – Release Notes 2.3.5 – Use Case

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