Frequently Asked Questions

Calculations (2)

What is FAY?

Full Academic Year (FAY)

Some measures require all students to be included in the calculation whereas others hold schools accountable only for those in attendance for a full academic year.

For 2014, how will a school’s persistence rate be calculated?

For any student whose prior year end of year code indicates they are eligible to persist (e.g. Graduates and Completers are not eligible), the student counts as a persistent student if he/she enrolls in ANY Arizona public school prior to or on October 1st. Students who enroll are divided by the number of students who were eligible to enroll according to their last school.

Letter Grades for Schools (4)

Do charter schools get letter grades?

Yes. All Arizona public schools, both charter and district, receive letter grades.

Does my child’s school have a letter grade?

Yes. More information on specific schools can be found here.

Arizona Report Cards

How will the new test impact accountability?

The impact of the new statewide test, on accountability is described here.