Frequently Asked Questions

Calculations (2)

What is FAY?

Full Academic Year (FAY)

Some measures require all students to be included in the calculation whereas others hold schools accountable only for those in attendance for a full academic year.

For 2014, how will a school’s persistence rate be calculated?

For any student whose prior year end of year code indicates they are eligible to persist (e.g. Graduates and Completers are not eligible), the student counts as a persistent student if he/she enrolls in ANY Arizona public school prior to or on October 1st. Students who enroll are divided by the number of students who were eligible to enroll according to their last school.

Letter Grades for Schools (9)

Do charter schools get letter grades?

Yes. All Arizona public schools, both charter and district, receive letter grades.

Does my child’s school have a letter grade?

Yes. More information on specific schools can be found here.

Arizona Report Cards

How can a district or LEA get an “A” letter grade if it has an “F” school in it?

The letter grading process for multi-site LEAs is described here.

When are science test results going to be included in accountability?

Science tests will not be included in the accountability system until fiscal year 2015. Please participate in our forums, town halls, committees, etc. in order to voice input on the integration or operationalization within our system.

What do all of these acronyms mean?

%P Percent Passing
AIMS Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards
AIMS A Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards Alternate
Alt School Alternative School
AMAO Annual Measurable Achievement Objective
AMO Annual Measurable Objective
AOI Arizona Online Instruction
AZELLA Arizona English Language Learner Assessment
BQ Bottom 25%
CCRI College and Career Ready Index
CY Current Year
DO Rate Dropout Rate
ELL English Language Learner
FAME Falls Far Below; Approaches; Meets; Exceeds
FAY Full Academic Year
FFB Falls Far Below
FY Fiscal Year
NR Not Rated
PY Prior Year
SGP Student Growth Percentile
SS Scale Score

What does school and district accountability look like in other states?

This resource describes the measures, labels, and requirements other states use in their accountability systems. Some of them are similar to Arizona’s; others are not.

Does the Department have a process in place to address accountability “gaming”?

The Department’s efforts to protect the integrity of the accountability system are described here and here.

How will the new test impact accountability?

The impact of the new statewide test, on accountability is described here.