Advisory Groups

To join any one of these groups, please complete and submit the application.

The Arizona Department of Education highly values your expertise in Science, online learning, educational measurement, testing, etc. We invite educators, parents, administrators, school leaders and/or researchers to inform any one of our current policy issues which ultimately impact schools through Department policies, recommendations to the State Board of Education, and/or legislative action.


Supplemental/Specialized Accountability Advisory Group

This group can inform new methods or measurements for tracking school quality and ensuring appropriate educational opportunities for students when the school does not fall into one of the major accountability models within our system. This group may present additional metrics to be considered in the accountability of a school which has an extremely small population or cannot be evaluated using any other model due to the unique nature of their data. For example, the absence of a grade 2 statewide standardized assessment starting in 2015 necessitates a new way of holding K-2 schools accountable. Without standardized data or sufficient data, the group will identify other ways these schools may be able to demonstrate sufficient academic progress.

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Science in Accountability

This group’s focus will be on the integration of AIMS science proficiency and growth data into the future accountability system. This group will inform the recommendation of how to integrate Science data among the new assessment and within the parameters outlined by the law.


AOI Accountability

This group’s focus will be on the development and piloting of an accountability model specific to Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) schools. The end goal is an A-F label for AOI  schools based on their unique student data and instructional services.


Alternative Schools Accountability

This group will focus on the refinement and transition of the alternative schools model given the unique student population and how the new assessment may impact their accountability determinations. This group will provide feedback and present ideas to make any necessary improvements to the current measurement.


CCRI- Indicators Development

This group will exchange ideas and make suggestions on a CCRI menu which is universal and accessible to all types of schools regardless of resources or instructional focus. All high schools in Arizona should be credited for demonstrating post secondary preparedness of their students in a wide spectrum of ways.


ELL Accountability

This group will discuss possible refinements to ELL accountability and any potential improvements for measuring ell student proficiency and/or tracking ell student data. This group will have representatives from OELAS as well as AZELLA developers.


Policy/Leadership Advisory Group

This group gives superintendents, principals, charter holders, and other education leaders the opportunity to identify concerns and make suggestions for possible improvements to the accountability policies which impact Arizona schools and/or LEAs. This group may discuss and/or debate the fairness issues or unintended consequences of legislative, state board, and/or ADE policies related to accountability – especially as our accountability transitions to a new assessment in 2015.


Technical (Accountability) Advisory Group

This group requires experience in education measurement, research, psychometrics, and/or assessment. Among other topics, issues such as measuring math growth for end of course assessments, validity of growth modeling, and general best practices in data mining are discussed. Please go to the following link in order to fill out the application. The limited number of positions still represent a comprehensive representation of Arizona public schools.