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The Accountability Section aims to measure the growth in quality of Arizona schools and districts by producing timely and reliable accountability determinations as required by state and federal law. The section works closely with Assessments, the State Board of Education, and Research & Evaluation in order to accurately label schools in a fair and systematic manner. Accountability staff support schools, districts, and other stakeholders to refine the system as well as utilize data in an appropriate and effective manner.

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List of Approved Alternative School Status Applications for 2015-2016

Rebuilding Arizona’s School & District Accountability System (White Paper provided to A-F Subcommittee 12/10/2015)

Summary of AZ’s Transitional Criteria for Reward, Focus, Priority & Updated Accountability Transition Timeline (Submitted as Attachment 2J to the U.S. Department of Education for 2015-2016 ESEA Flexibility)


ESEA Flexibility Renewal PowerPoint (Updated 3/25/15)

Presentation to the State Board of Education on 3/23/15 




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