Summit V

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Summit V – Presenter Materials


Charlotte Danielson – Educator Evaluation in a College and Career Readiness Standards Era

Dr. Janice Poda – Evolving Responsibilities and Expectations of School Leadership

Breakout Sessions:

ADE’s K-12 Academic Standards Team Sessions

Sid Bailey – Leadership vs. Management … The Art of “Time Management”

Charlotte Danielson – Merging Teacher Observation and the ACCRS

Dr. Deb Duvall – Evaluation: A Mutual Task to Conjoin the Individual’s needs and the LEA’s Expectations

Jackie Gran – New Leaders

Tess Lauffer – Instructional Supervisor Parts 1 & 2

Dr. Janice Poda – Leading Instructional Conversations

Meghan Zefran -Creating Coherence: Connecting Teacher Evaluation and Support Systems to the ACCRS

Summit V – Pre-Conference Materials

Meet the Promise of content Standards: The Principal

The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning

The Making of the Principal:  Five Lessons in Leadership Training

Purpose of the Summit

  • To acknowledge the importance of Local Education Agency (LEA) leadership in supporting principals as instructional leaders in order for the successful alignment of education initiatives;
  • To recognize how AZCCRS, effective instruction, aligned assessments and educator evaluation systems are interdependent and complementary;
  • To deepen school and LEA leadership’s understanding of the link between the implementation of Arizona’s College & Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS) and the observation component of the evaluation process;
  • To examine various approaches, both within and outside of Arizona, that will assist principals in recognizing AZCCRS instruction;
  • To strengthen the principal’s skillset in conducting pre- and post-observation conversations with teachers;
  • To provide team time to identify needs and next steps in supporting principals as instructional leaders;
  • To explore approaches and strategies to strengthen the principal pipeline in Arizona

Participants LEA teams responsible for the design and implementation of the district Local Education Agency’s (LEA’s) educator evaluation system and AZCCRS implementation, made up of LEA, school and teacher leaders, such as:

  • Principals, Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents
  • School board members
  • Assessment and/or Curriculum Directors
  • Department or Grade Level Chairs, Instructional Coaches
  • Content Specialists/Teacher Leaders
  • Association leaders
  • Institutions of Higher Education

Summit Format Participants will hear state and national experts provide current information, research and resources on approaches to supporting school leaders with the integration of the AZCCRS and teacher observation/evaluation. LEA teams will have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the information provided and develop plans in working sessions, grouped by the LEA’s adopted evaluation frameworks being implemented (Danielson, Marzano, Stronge, MCESA, TAP, LEA-created, etc.). Experts will be available for questions, consultation and guidance during team working sessions. A workbook will be provided for each session to record key ideas, reflections, discussions, decisions and next steps determined in working sessions.