Summit IV


Pertinent information of Summit IV:


Implementation of the AZ Framework and Model for Measuring Educator Effectiveness:

Forward Thinking: A Comprehensive View of Standards Implementation:

Common Core Standards: So, What’s New?:

What Instructional Leaders Need to Know and Be Able to Do:

 Purpose of the Summit:

To deepen understanding of the link between the implementation of Arizona’s Common Core Standards (ACCS) and  educator effectiveness;
•To recognize how ACCS, effective instruction, aligned assessments and educator evaluation systems are interdependent and complementary;
•To acknowledge the critical importance of school and local education agency leadership in order for the successful alignment of education reform initiatives to occur;
•To examine various approaches, both within and outside of Arizona, to use observation instruments to identify ACCS instruction;
•To apply tools and processes to bridge implementation of ACCS to educator evaluation systems;
•To recognize the importance of collaboration with Institutions of Higher Education on ACCS implementation and educator evaluation;
•To further develop action plans to move efforts forward at the local and state levels.


LEA teams responsible for the design and implementation of the district Local Education Agency’s (LEA’s)  educator evaluation system and ACCS implementation, made up of district/LEA, school and teacher leaders, such as:

•Superintendents & Principals
•School board members
•HR Directors
•Assessment and/or Curriculum Directors
•Department or Grade Level Chairs
•Content Specialists
•Association leaders

Participants will hear national experts provide current information, research and resources on approaches to measuring educator effectiveness and ACCS Implementation.  LEA teams will have the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the information provided and develop plans in working sessions.  Experts will be available for questions, consultation and guidance during team working sessions.  A workbook will be provided for each session to record key ideas, reflections, discussions, decisions and next steps determined in working sessions.

 Summit Format:

 Questions? Contact:

Edith Marquez at [email protected] or 602.364.2242