Principal / Teacher Evaluations ARS§15-203(A)(38)

Principal and Teacher Evaluations


A.  The State Board of Education shall:

38.  Adopt and maintain a model framework for a teacher and principal evaluation instrument that includes quantitative data on student academic progress that accounts for between thirty-three percent and fifty percent of the evaluation outcomes. The framework shall include four performance classifications, designated as highly effective, effective, developing and ineffective, and guidelines for school districts and charter schools to use in their evaluation instruments. The state board of education shall adopt best practices for professional development and evaluator training. The state board of education may periodically make adjustments to align the model framework for teacher and principal evaluations with assessment or data changes at the state level. School districts and charter schools shall use an instrument that meets the data requirements established by the state board of education to annually evaluate individual teachers and principals. School districts and charter schools shall adopt definitions for the performance classifications adopted by the state board of education in a public meeting and apply the performance classifications to their evaluation instruments in a manner designed to improve principal and teacher performance. For charter holders, the principal evaluation instrument applies to each charter school’s instructional leader whose primary responsibility is to oversee the academic performance of the charter school. This paragraph does not apply to an officer, director, member or partner of the charter holder. The school district governing board shall discuss at a public meeting at least annually its aggregate performance classifications of principals and teachers.

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