John Huppenthal

John Huppenthal

A Message from the Superintendent….

I am honored to serve as your Superintendent of Public Instruction and look forward to working with parents & students, teachers & administrators, and our state & national government entities to provide opportunities for every student to follow a successful path to college and career readiness.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE), during my administration, will be focused on providing excellent customer service to the entire education community.  We welcome and encourage your questions and comments so we can continually improve the services we are providing.

A top priority of my administration is to provide the technical support needed to operate our schools and the department efficiently.  We have already identified key areas of needed support and begun to focus on building a strong technology infrastructure.

At ADE we take seriously our responsibility as stewards of Arizona’s resources.  With every taxpayer dollar invested, I am committed to creating value for our parents and students.  Our citizens must be confident that when they invest in education they will realize a dividend on that investment through improved academic achievement and improved overall education quality.

I am especially committed to driving our education policies and practices with quality research that have demonstrated proven results. We will not allow our education system to be driven by education fads that do not result in improved outcomes for our students.

We, at ADE, will be constantly identifying innovations through research and technology breakthroughs that can improve our education achievement outcomes. With sufficient evidence that these practices are effective we will not hesitate to encourage incorporation of these best practices throughout our school systems.

I am confident by creating partnerships and working collaboratively we can create an education system in Arizona that will not only be among the best in the nation, but will also compete favorably in the international arena.  I am looking forward to working with you in realizing this lofty goal.  Arizona’s children deserve no less.

Best wishes,
John Huppenthal

State Superintendent of Public Instruction