Student-Teacher-Course Connection: Resources

Resources designed with you in mind

At ADE, we are working hard as your partner to ensure that we are in compliance with Title XIV of the ARRA, known as the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF). That’s why we’ve created this library of resources to walk you through every phase of this important program.

Getting Started Checklist
Use this guide to help you understand what you need successfully complete each phase of the Student-Teacher-Course Connection program.
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The STC Minute
Keeping you informed about important updates for the Student-Teacher-Course Connection Program; that’s what the STC Minute is all about; a periodic publication from the Student-Teacher-Course Connection team.Look for the STC Minute twice monthly where we’ll provide timely updates and information to help walk you through every phase of this important program.

Resources by Phase

Designed exclusively for users just like you, these highly-interactive training sessions will give you the tools you need to successfully complete the Student-Teacher-Course Connection program.

Phase 1 Resources
This phase involves mapping local courses to the Arizona state course codes and is the first step in successfully completing the Student-Teacher-Course Connection Program.

Phase 2 Resources
This phase helps you enter all of the necessary data into your Student Information System (SIS).

Phase 3 Resources
The final phase for the Student-Teacher-Course Connection Program is to submit two files on the 40th Day, 100th Day and EOY.

Program Background


AZ CourseWalk FAQ
Updated: 01.03.13

AZ State Report Manager FAQ
Updated: 04.02.13