Welcome to the State Tutoring Program

As a tutor you will be providing individualized, supplemental instruction of specific standards-based skills and concepts with the goal of measurable improvement.

For Tutoring Strategies please review here:

There are some key factors which you will need to accomplish to ensure that all guidelines and requirements of the program are being met.

Documentation Requirements

To be prepared for a monitoring visit, please ensure that two key pieces of documents are organized and kept on file at the school/institution which is providing the tutoring.

  • Certificate of Supplemental Instruction *To be revised*
  • Sign-in Sheets – Example
    (session dates, durations, students present with signatures)

Certificates of Supplemental Instruction are crucial to a tutoring initiative with any student. The certificates should be filled out  before tutoring begins to help set the standard of what is to be tutored, the time frame, and an attestation that the student has shown progress by an administrator for the institution once tutoring is finished. If at any time a student switches tutors or providers, the original Certificate must be kept on file and a new one must be created for the student and the new tutor.

To obtain any SAIS or AIMS information, please contact your school office or your districts SAIS technology coordinator. ADE does not provide any of that information.

Hours, Scheduling, and Payment

Each LEA has an allocated amount of tutoring hours they can use for each term. It is imperative that you keep accurate track of your hours with your coordinator or LEA program representative to ensure that your district does not go over its allocation. This is vital as your LEA will pay you for your time and ADE will reimburse your district for services rendered that are within the guidelines of the grant.

Files & Documentation
Sheet Example