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State Tutoring and You

The State Tutoring Program is designed to provide academic tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics in order to improve student academic performance in AIMS/AZMerit and/or Underperforming or Failing Schools.


Before contacting your school and/or district’s administration/tutoring coordinator please ensure that your child meets the eligibility for this specific program.

A pupil must meet one of the two requirements in order to be eligible to receive services as part of the State Tutoring Grant.

  1. Pupils attending an underperforming or failing school according to the A-F Letter Grade Accountability classification (D or F)
  2. A pupil who has failed to pass one or more portions of the AIMS testing grades 8 through 12 in order to graduate from high school
    • 11th or 12th graders who have not passed the high school AIMS in order to graduate
    • Any student who has failed the high school AIMS and is required to pass the high school AIMS in order to graduate

You have a choice of either utilizing the school district’s program for tutoring or tutoring through one of our approved providers.

Supporting Documentation for the Tutor

The tutor will need information to ensure that your child meets the eligibility of the program. This can include either an AIMS result packet/sheet and/or notification that your school is an underperforming/failing school.

To obtain any SAIS or AIMS information, please contact your school office or your districts SAIS technology coordinator. ADE does not provide any of that information.

From this the tutor will fill out a Certificate of Supplemental Instruction with you to start an agreement of tutoring for your child. This is to ensure that all obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the program.

If there any questions or concerns with the program please feel free to Contact Us.

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