Applying for the Grant

Before applying for the grant, please ensure that each school who wishes to utilize the program is educated on the eligibility requirements.


A pupil must meet one of the two requirements in order to be eligible to receive services as part of the State Tutoring Grant.

  1. Pupils attending an underperforming or failing school according to the A-F Letter Grade Accountability classification (D or F)
  2. A pupil who has failed to pass one or more portions of the AIMS testing grades 8 through 12 in order to graduate from high school
    • 11th or 12th graders who have not passed the high school AIMS in order to graduate
    • Any student who has failed the high school AIMS and is required to pass the high school AIMS in order to graduate

Steps for application

There are two worksheets which must be completed alongside the grant application which is done through ADEConnect.

The supporting worksheets should be emailed to

On your grant application under the line item details for your tutors/coordinators there are two details which must be included in the application. You must include the benefits percentage rate and a description indicating that their benefits are without medical, or your grant will have to be rejected for revision.

Once the application and the two supporting worksheets are submitted and match correspondingly, we can review your grant application for the approval process.