Applying for the Grant

Before applying for the grant, please ensure that each school who wishes to utilize the program is educated on the eligibility requirements.


At this time, ONLY students attending an under-performing school will be eligible for tutoring services.

Steps for application

There are now three documents that must be completed alongside the grant application in ADEConnect. The following two worksheets should be attached to the related documents in the grant application in Grants Management.

  1. Grant Application Worksheet  
  2. School Contact Listing.xls  
  3. The third document must be filled out be each tutor listed on the school contact listing and emailed or faxed to the State Tutoring Office at [email protected] or 602-542-5175, attention Josh Cruz or Stephanie Washington.

  4. State Tutoring Checklist   -> Payment may be denied without this form on file at the State Tutoring Office.
  5. Directions to access the State Tutoring Fund through ADEConnect

On your grant application, under the line item details for your tutors/coordinators, there are two details which must be included in the application. You must include the benefits percentage rate and a description indicating that their benefits are without medical. Otherwise, your grant will be rejected for revision until those items are correct. Once the application and the supporting documents have been submitted and correspondingly match the grant application, we can review your application for the approval process.