Applying for the Grant

Before applying for the grant, please ensure that each school who wishes to utilize the program is educated on the eligibility requirements.


The State Tutoring Program will be going through a revision process over the summer. This is due to the AIMS testing going away and the new classification of Under-performing or Failing Schools.

Steps for application

There are two worksheets which must be completed alongside the grant application which is done through ADEConnect.

The supporting worksheets should be attached to the related documents in the grant application in Grants Management.

On your grant application under the line item details for your tutors/coordinators there are two details which must be included in the application. You must include the benefits percentage rate and a description indicating that their benefits are without medical. Otherwise, your grant will have to be rejected for revision until those items are correct.

Once the application and the two supporting worksheets are submitted and correspondingly match, we can review your grant application for the approval process.