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The Next Generation Science Standards – Development Process

While the final version of the NGSS were released on April 9, 2013, Arizona has not adopted the NGSS and Arizona’s 2004 Science Standard is still in effect and will be in effect for the 2014-15 school year. Science AIMS will continue to be administered to grades 4, 8, and HS Biology during Spring 2015.

A timeframe for adopting new science standards or changing the science assessment in Arizona has not yet been determined.

Teachers, parents, and community members interested in learning more about the NGSS, its development process, and the supporting documents can learn more at

Archived Webinars and Presentations
Powerpoint presentation on the Framework and development of the NGSS.

Webinar: Introducing the Next Generation Science Standards
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Understanding the Framework for K-12 Science Education

The National Academy of Sciences, Achieve, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Science Teachers Association have embarked on a two-step process to develop the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The National Research Council (NRC), the staffing arm of the National Academies of Science, began the process by developing the Framework for K-12 Science Education published July 2011.

The Framework lays the foundation for the science concepts, practices, and skills all students need to learn to succeed in science. It is a critical first step because it is grounded in the most current research on science and science learning and identifies the science all K–12 students should know. The development of the Next Generation Science Standards is based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education.

  • Framework for K-12 Science Education: The National Research Council’s website describing the document that is the foundation for the development of the NGSS. This document is available to download or read online for free.
  • Framework Report Brief: a 6-page summary of the Framework document


Background Information

On September 20, 2011, Arizona was announced as a lead state in the development of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). As a Lead State Partner, Arizona educators – along with those in other lead states - provided input to the content experts writing the standards at critical points of development. 

The development of the Next Generation Science Standards was facilitated and managed by Achieve. Achieve is an independent, bipartisan, non-profit education reform organization based in Washington, D.C. that helps states raise academic standards and graduation requirements, improve assessments and strengthen accountability.


Get Involved

Application to serve on Arizona’s Standards review team. The application process is open-ended. Qualified applicants are selected for various committees to provide content and instructional expertise to the development, revision, and/or adoption of the Academic Standards. If you are interested in committee work related to Science Standards, please copy Lacey Wieser on your submitted application.

Master Educator Developers and Reviewer Team Application
Interested Arizona educators can apply to be a part of Arizona’s Resource Development and/or Review Team to support implementation of Arizona’s Standards. Complete the entire application. You will be notified if you are selected to be a part of the Development or Review Team or both.

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