Mathematics and Science Partnership Program


The Mathematics and Science Partnership Program supports improved academic achievement of students in the areas of mathematics and science by encouraging state educational agencies, institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, elementary schools, and secondary schools to partner in high-quality professional development programs. The intent of this program is to increase academic achievement of students in mathematics and science by enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers. Title II, Part B of NCLB authorizes a Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) competitive grant program.

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is responsible for the administration of the MSP Program. Available funds will be awarded by the ADE to support successful proposals submitted by eligible partnerships comprised of departments of mathematics, science, or engineering at Arizona institutions of higher education and high-need LEAs.

Application Forms and Information:

The Arizona Department of Education is pleased to announce the release of the FY2016 Arizona Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) Grant Application for Math 20/20. All applicant LEAs must attend a grant writing workshop aligned to their project’s content area/grade level.  Applications are due June 15, 2015.

Math 20/20 engages teachers and school leaders by taking a systemic approach to transforming the teaching and learning of math based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics.

The unique combination of intensive professional learning for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators is accompanied by ongoing support and student materials to offer school districts the opportunity to embed quality mathematics teaching into the system’s culture. In partnership with the Regional Service Centers, Math 20/20 seeks to transform the quality of math education throughout Arizona.  The Math 20/20 MSP grant is a grade level specific opportunity for schools and districts.  The MSP process is a competitive grant.  Please make sure and register for one of the mandatory upcoming webinars if you are interested in applying.

Register for the required K-6 Math 20/20 Grant Writing Workshop
April 27th, 3 pm-4 pm        May 7th, 10 am-11 am

Links to Background Information:
The following sites have been identified as containing information that may be beneficial when developing MSP grant proposals. However, each partnership team will need to assess and select resources/references that best align to the needs of their targeted population.MSP Resources

Professional Development Resources

Evaluation Resources

Mathematics Content/Pedagogy Resources

Science Content/Pedagogy Resources


For questions or additional information, contact:
Suzi Mast
Director of K-12 Mathematics / MSP
K-12 Academic Standards