Diversity in America: Lesson Plans

The lesson plans and resources posted on this page were created and reviewed by members of the Teaching Diversity in American History Committee. They are aligned to Arizona’s Social Studies Standards as well as to Arizona’s Common Core Standards in English Language Arts. These lessons and resources were designed to help educators from all grade levels raise student awareness and understanding of the contributions made by diverse individuals and groups to the historical and cultural development of the United States. 


Emergence of Modern US – Post Cards 
Cloths of Immigration
Civics-People Profiles


American Indians Impact
Cotton to Chandler WW I
Navajo Code Talkers


Impact of the Womens Movement in American History
Role of Americans in World War II

Social Change
Civil War and Reconstruction
Jim Crow Diversity
Diversity in America also use Cartoons
The Great Migration

GRADES 10-12

Harlem Renaissance
Protest Music of the 6o’s and 70’s

Notable Women in American History and Politics
Human Encounters
Right to Vote

A special thanks to the following members of the Teaching Diversity in American History Committee:

Maria Abalos | Candice Maiers
Jamie Boarder | Dr. Tasha Nelson
Courtney Braren | Steven (Michael) Olguin
Patrick Brown | Natasha Pacheco
Chris Capadona | Lisa Price
Denise Carpenter | John Prothro
Dr. Deborah J. Garza Chavez | Evelyn Ramirez
Marisol Garcia | Eddie Rodriquez
Donald R. Guillory, II | Celia Trujillo
Sylvia Kniest | Kathleen Zondlewski
Elizabeth Lantka