AZ Sample Assessment Items & Think-Through Sets

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These Arizona sample assessment item and think-through sets were designed to support educators in preparing students for both the AIMS and PARCC assessments. Items are classified by depth of knowledge (DOK) levels and are dually aligned to Arizona’s Common Core Standards, adopted in 2010, and Arizona’s former ELA and mathematics standards. ELA/Literacy items are passage dependent, and all passages have been labeled with their grade band and text complexity level.  


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PARCC Release of Field Test Sample Items

PARCC is releasing a set of test items in Mathematics and ELA/literacy across grade levels to show educators, parents, students and policymakers what the PARCC test questions will look like.  This release of sample items is a key milestone in the development of the PARCC assessments and the items are an important tool for teachers who are implementing the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. The PARCC assessments are aligned to the new standards and assess whether students are college and career ready or on track toward those goals.

PARCC test questions assess for deeper learning, critical thinking and measure students’ abilities to solve real-world problems–all of which are key skills needed for success in post-secondary career training and college. These samples are designed to show how PARCC is measuring the content – in reading, writing and math. These sample items are being released in PDF form now; they will be interactive in November.

Timeline for Future Releases:

  • October 2013 – PARCC plans to release another set of sample items. In all, these will cover all tested subjects (reading, writing and mathematics) in each grade.
  • November 2013 – PARCC will publicly release revised versions of these items on the actual technology platform in November.
  • Spring 2014 – More items will be released as a practice test, which will be available to everyone—students, teachers, parents—via

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