Technology Requirements for Assessment

Important Announcements

  • Key Local Considerations (Technology Readiness) is available to specifically address some of the considerations and/or local decisions that district and school staff may need to include in their transition planning or in their determinations of local readiness for the online delivery of statewide or other high-stakes assessments. (06/2013)
  • Technology Guidelines for PARCC Assessments – Version 2.1 February 2013
    The document provides minimum and recommended specifications for computer hardware, input devices, and security requirements; and suggests recommended levels of bandwidth that will support schools instructional and assessment needs. It does not yet set minimum bandwidth specifications. Schools, districts, and states can use these guidelines to determine the eligibility of existing computers as test-taking devices for the 2014-215 PARCC assessments.

            Updates in this version include:

  • Clarification about the minimum RAM for iPads running iOS 6.
  • Clarifications about the requirements for input devices including touchscreens and Bluetooth/wireless keyboards.
  • Clarification about screen resolution requirements.

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