PARCC Educator Leader Cadres

The PARCC Educator Leader Cadre (ELCs) will help each state build and expand the number of educators who understand, support and feel ownership of the successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC assessments.

While Arizona organizes a range of activities for our K-12 communities, each year, PARCC will bring together 24-member teams of K-16 educators from across PARCC states to develop expertise on the CCSS and PARCC and to help them become leaders in their states and among their peers. The meetings for these teams are opportunities for educators to build expertise in the CCSS and PARCC by engaging in deep analysis of the CCSS and aligned material such as the PARCC Model Content Frameworks and item prototypes.

It is anticipated that the first meeting of the Educator Leader Cadre will occur in late Summer (August) 2012.

Arizona ELC

Participants in the cadre will be seen as local leaders in the implementation and transition to the College and Career Ready Standards.  Arizona will have a total of 24 representatives serving on the cadre.  Participation in the cadre will be determined by a variety of factors designed to meet PARCC recommendations and requirements and provide representation of Arizona educators.  Participation will include ADE leadership, master K-12 educators, and higher education representatives.  Obligations may include providing statewide professional development, participating in the development and/or evaluation of instructional resources, and engaging stakeholder groups in conversations around the PARCC assessment and the College and Career Ready Standards.

The Educator Leader Cadre is not the only avenue to be involved in Arizona’s implementation and transition to the college and career ready standards.  Other opportunities will continue to be added to the ADE-PARCC webpage.  While participation in Arizona’s Educator Leader Cadre represents a long-term commitment, it is important to know that being part of the cadre has the potential to positively impact the professional lives of thousands of educators and students in the state of Arizona.  The work promises to be engaging and creative, and those selected will have the opportunity to master a field of knowledge that few are gaining at this time.  For these reasons and more, the commitment promises to be worth the effort.



  PARCC ELC Summary