The Arizona Department of Education in collaboration with a national assessment company, Pearson, WestEd and educators around the state of Arizona, has developed a new test for Arizona’s English Language Learners. This new assessment, the Spring 2013 AZELLA, will align closely with Arizona’s English Language Proficiency “ELP” Standards.

The new AZELLA will be used to assess:

  • Continuing English Language Learners (January and February 2013)
  • Fluent English Proficient (FEP) Year 1 and FEP 2 students (January and February 2013)
  • All grades 1-12 students beginning school year 2013-2014

A brand new assessment, the AZELLA Kindergarten Placement Test will be used for the placement of students into Kindergarten English Language Development classrooms starting at the beginning of school year 2012-2013.

English Language Learners from around the state submitted artwork to be considered for the new AZELLA covers.