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Key Contacts Phone Email
ADE Customer Support 602-542-3710
ADE Certification – Phoenix 602-542-4367
Grants Management Enterprise System/ ARRA Reporting 602-542-3901
School Finance – Main Line 602-542-5695
SAIS Support – ADE Support Center 602-542-7378
SAIS Toll Free Number 1-866-577-9636
GED Information 602-258-2410 #2
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Department Name First Last Phone Email Job Title
ESS-Federal Initiatives   Lisa Yencarelli (520)628-6330 Director of Federal Initiatives and Tucson Office
ESS-Operations   Cynthia Bolewski (520)628-6330 Director of Operations
Health and Nutrition - School Nutrition   Holly Danielsen (602) 364-0718 School Nutrition Customer Support
Office of Communications   Charles Tack (602) 364-0764 Deputy Public Information Officer
Educator Excellence   Mark McCall (602) 364-2294 Deputy Associate Superintendent
21st CCLC-Afterschool Programs   Randy Huckabone (602) 364-2349 21st CCLC-Afterschool Programs Admin Assistant
Policy Development & Government Relations   Ashley Berg (602) 364-2425 Exec. Dir. of Policy Development & Government Relations
Grants Management System   Sarah Hendrix (602) 364-4382 Grants Management Technology Director
Grants Management System   Stephanie Ferguson (602) 542-3470 Program Specialist
Office of Communications   Sally Stewart (602) 542-5072 Public Information Officer
School Finance       (602) 542-5695 Operations Support
Adult Education Services       (602)258-2410 Main Number
Policy Development and Government Relations   Aleks Kadijevic (602)364-0454 Executive Assistant
Alternate Assessment   Patricia Reynolds (602)364-1296 Prof. Dev. & State Assessment Specialist
Early Childhood       (602)364-1530 Early Childhood Development Specialist
Arts Education   Lynn Tuttle (602)364-1534 Director of Arts Education
K-12 Standards   Debbie Yu (602)364-1804 Executive Assistant
Effective Teachers and Leaders       (602)364-1842 HQT Support and Assistance
NCLB       (602)364-1842 NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Representative
Highly Effective Teachers & Leaders   Cecilia Johnson (602)364-1957 Associate Superintendent
ESS-Professional Development   Oran Tkatchov (602)364-2066 Director of Professional Development
AZ LEADS³   Kimberly Gustafson (602)364-2068 AZ LEADS³ Associate
School Safety & Prevention   Barbara Michlin (602)364-2092 Project Specialist
National Board Certification   Beth Driscoll (602)364-2191 National Board Certification
State Board Approved Programs   Beth Driscoll (602)364-2191   State Board Approved Programs
Performance Pay   Beth Driscoll (602)364-2191 Career Ladder and 301
LEA and School Improvement   Robert Gray (602)364-2202 Director of Operations
LEA and School Improvement   Felicia Francis (602)364-2266 School Improvement Associate
LEA and School Improvement   Cindy Richards (602)364-2269 School Improvement Associate
K-12 Standards   Lacey Wieser (602)364-2332 Director of Science, STEM, and Social Studies
High Academic Standards for Students   Carol Lippert (602)364-2333 Associate Superintendent
High Academic Standards for Students   Connie Haberer (602)364-2336 Executive Assistant
Charter School Information       (602)364-3080   Arizona State Board of Charter Schools
Gifted Education   Peter Laing (602)364-3842 Director, Gifted Education
Advanced Placement Programs   Peter Laing (602)364-3842 Director, Advanced Placement Programs
ESS-Special Projects   Alissa Trollinger (602)364-4004 Director of Special Projects
ESS-Dispute Resolution   Kacey Gregson (602)364-4011 Director of Dispute Resolution
ESS-Funding & Finance   Connie Hill (602)364-4020 Director of Funding & Finance
Audit Unit   Lisa Eddy (602)364-4061 Chief Auditor
Adult Education Services   Erica Salcido (602)542-0163 Client Services Representative
Adult Education Services   Leonela Jimenez (602)542-0165 Client Services Representative
Adult Education Services   Jamila Perez (602)542-0165 Client Services Representative
Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS)   OELAS Main Line (602)542-0753  
Title I   Gary Fortney (602)542-2014 ESEA Program Manager / Private Schools Coordinator
Information Technology   Debbie Schumacher (602)542-2094 IT Support
Indian Education   Debora Norris (602)542-2784 Director of Indian Education
Certification       (602)542-2972 Investigations
CTE-Programs & Standards   Deb Payne (602)542-3034 CTE Programs, Curriculum, Standards, and Professional Development
Organizational Development   Pat Childress (602)542-3069 DAS of Organizational Development
Human Resources     Employment Specialist (602)542-3186 Employment Hotline
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