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External Staff Directory
Key ADE Contacts Phone Email
ADE Customer Service 602.542.5393 [email protected]
ADE Teacher Certification – Phoenix 602.542.4367 [email protected]
Grants Management Enterprise System/ARRA Reporting 602.542.3901 [email protected]
School Finance – Main Line 602.542.5695 [email protected]
SAIS Support – ADE Support Center 602.542.7378 [email protected]
SAIS Toll Free Number 1.866.577.9636  
GED Information 602.258.2410 #2 [email protected]
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TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 602.542.1410  


Outside ADE Contacts Phone
Arizona Board of Regents 602.229.2500
Arizona State Board of Education 602.542.5057
Arizona State Board for Charter Schools 602.364.3080
The Arizona Department of Education does not store transcripts or diplomas. Please contact the issuing school or school district.
When calling about a closed Charter school please contact the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.
When calling about a closed District school please call their District Office.
When calling about a Private School please contact the school office.


  Main Inbox Main Phone Line
Academic Programs
Assessments [email protected] 602.542-5031
K12 Standards [email protected] 602.364.2333
Office of English Language Acquisition Services [email protected] 602.542.0753
Career and Technical Education [email protected] 602.542.5282
Advanced Placement [email protected] 602.542.4234
Gifted Education [email protected] 602.542.4234
Education Career Action Plan [email protected] 602.542.5353
Health and Nutrition
Health and Nutrition [email protected] 602.542.8700
School Safety and Prevention    
21st Century Schools    
Educator Programs
Educator Excellence [email protected] 602.364.1842
Effective Teachers and Leaders [email protected] 602.542.3532
Educator Evaluation [email protected] 602.542.3532
Teacher Certification [email protected] 602.542.4367
Teacher Misconduct Investigation Unit [email protected] 602.542.2972
Programs for Specific Populations
Early Childhood [email protected] 602.364.1530
Exceptional Student Services (Special Education) [email protected] 602.542.4013
ESS Dispute Resolution [email protected] 602.542.3084
Adult Education [email protected] 602.258.2410
Homeless Education [email protected] 602.364.1971
Migrant Education [email protected] 602.364.1971
Office of Indian Education [email protected] 602.542.5235
ZIP Code Project [email protected] 602.542.9411
Federal Block Grants
Title I [email protected] 602.542.7847
Title II-A [email protected] 602.364.1842
Accountability [email protected] 602.542.5151
Support and Innovation/School Improvementy [email protected] 602.364.2269
AZ Charter School Program [email protected] 602.542.7459
Executive Team Office
Executive Office [email protected] 602.542.3710
Superintendent of Public Instruction [email protected] 602.542.3710
Finance and IT
Education Savings Account Program
(Empowerment Scholarship Accounts)
[email protected] 602.364.1969
School Finance [email protected] 602.542.5695
Grants Management [email protected] 602.542.3901
ADE Support Center SAIS Support–ADE Support Center [email protected] 602.542.7378
IT Finance [email protected] 602.542.3144
IT Vendor Management [email protected] 602.542.3144