INTERNAL PD OPPORTUNITY: Free Professional Development for Arizona Middle and High Schools – Provided by ADE/ESS & The University of Kansas, APPLY NOW!

Published: April 8th, 2019


FREE Professional Development for Arizona Middle and High Schools!

Open attached Flyer & Application for additional details Applications due June 10, 2019

Do your students have difficulty with turning in homework, timeliness, focusing, studying, completing all aspects of projects, and/or managing emotions? Self-Regulation instruction can help.

Do your students lack confidence, think future performance will mirror past performance, give up easily, or feel they cannot succeed in school, sports, or arts?  Self-Efficacy instruction can help.

Do your students have difficulty expressing themselves, asking for help, sharing opinions during group work, or standing up to peers? Do your students react aggressively or defensively instead of respectfully? Assertiveness instruction can help.

Educators who embed self-regulation, self-efficacy, or assertiveness instruction into their content area report many student outcomes, including:

  • Increased ability to express thoughts and feelings
  • Improved responsibility
  • Increased ability to seek assistance and supports
  • Improved behavior
  • Improved attitude towards school
  • Increased ability to see mistakes & constructive criticism as opportunities to learn
  • Improved homework completion

We are pleased to invite your school to participate in the Arizona College and Career Competency Team Training (AZ CCCTT) project, a free, two-year professional development opportunity offered by the ADE/ESS in collaboration with the University of Kansas Research Collaboration. Over the two-year process, school teams and then additional staff will learn about and provide instruction and practice for students on college and career competencies (i.e., self-regulation, self-efficacy, and assertiveness), and then reflect on their efforts and the impact on student outcomes. Professional development will be delivered close to schools (regionally, depending on schools’ locations), online through instructor-led courses, and on-site via coaching and trainings.

If interested in participating in the CCCTT project, please complete the AZ CCCTT Application and email the completed applications to [email protected]. Completed school applications will be reviewed and accepted in the order they are received. Applications are due June 10, 2019 – if you are interested in applying but need more time to complete the application, please email us!

For questions regarding CCCTT, you can also contact Ana Núñez ([email protected]) at ADE/ESS.