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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Maura Mall Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-4013 Maura.Mall@azed.gov Director of Program Support and Monitoring
Alissa Trollinger Special Projects (602)364-4004 Alissa.Trollinger@azed.gov Director of Special Projects
Melissa De Vries State Initiatives (928)637-1870 Melissa.DeVries@azed.gov Director of State Initiatives and Flagstaff Office
Julie Albertson Dispute Resolution (602)542-3084 Julie.Albertson@azed.gov Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Jeff Studer Dispute Resolution (602)542-3124 Jeffrey.Studer@azed.gov Early Resolution Specialist
Amy Dill Dispute Resolution (602)542-7579 Amy.Dill@azed.gov Early Resolution Specialist
Early Resolution Specialists Dispute Resolution (855)383-9801 earlyresolution@azed.gov Early Resolution Specialists
Chris Lane State Initiatives (602) 364-4015 Christina.Lane@azed.gov ED-P and Approved Private Day Schools Specialist
Michelle Frias ASPIRE (602)542-2804 Michelle.Frias@azed.gov Enrollment Specialist
Brandi Robertson ASPIRE (602)542-2788 Brandi.Robertson@azed.gov Enrollment Specialist
Evelyn Benavidez Funding (602)542-3850 Evelyn.Benavidez@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Tanya Amador Funding (602)542-4022 Tanya.Amador@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Ingrid Rope Funding (602)542-4064 Ingrid.Rope@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Denise Pawlak Funding (602)542-3398 Denise.Pawlak@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Celia Kujawski PLS (602)542-4610 Celia.Kujawski@azed.gov Grant Project Coordinator
Susan Shooter PLS (602)542-4806 Susan.Shooter@azed.gov Inclusion Specialist
Peggy Staples Data Management (602)364-4024 Peggy.Staples@azed.gov Lead Data Management Specialist
Harold Campbell PLS (520)770-3363 Harold.Campbell@azed.gov Math Specialist
Celeste Nameth PLS (602)542-5445 Celeste.Nameth@azed.gov Multi-Tier Behavior Support Specialist
Ramona Minter Operations (602)542-4083 Ramona.Minter@azed.gov Office Manager
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 41 - 60 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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