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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Kim Rice PLS (602) 771-4299 Kim.Rice@azed.gov Reading Specialist
Abby Sanchez PLS (602)364-3026 Abby.Sanchez@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Suzanne Perry PLS (602)542-2185 Suzanne.Perry@azed.gov Autism and Low Incidence Specialist
Carol Crawford PLS (602)364-2338 Carol.Crawford@azed.gov SPDG/PLS Coordinator
Charles Johnson Operations (602)542-5080 Charles.Johnson@azed.gov Program Specialist
Ramona Minter Operations (602)542-4083 Ramona.Minter@azed.gov Office Manager
Cyndi Bolewski Operations (520)628-6330 Cynthia.Bolewski@azed.gov Director of Operations
Evelyn Benavidez Funding (602)542-3850 Evelyn.Benavidez@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Ingrid Rope Funding (602)542-4064 Ingrid.Rope@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Denise Pawlak Funding (602)542-3398 Denise.Pawlak@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Connie Hill Funding (602)364-4020 Connie.Hill@azed.gov Director of Finance
Tanya Amador Funding (602)542-4022 Tanya.Amador@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Alice Nunes Funding (602)542-3851 Alice.Nunes@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Sheila Wallace Funding (602)364-4016 Sheila.Wallace@azed.gov Procurement Specialist
Ann Brusca Federal Initiatives (520) 628-6469 Ann.Brusca@azed.gov SPP/APR and Surrogate Parent Program Specialist
Lisa Yencarelli Federal Initiatives (520)628-6330 Lisa.Yencarelli@azed.gov Director of Federal Initiatives and Tucson Office
Maria Durazo Exceptional Student Services (602)542-5446 Maria.Durazo@azed.gov Assistant to Angela Denning
Angela Denning Exceptional Student Services (602)542-4013 Angela.Denning@azed.gov Deputy Associate Superintendent
Juliana Panqueva Early Childhood (602)364-1530 Juliana.Panqueva@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Nicol Russell Early Childhood (602) 542-1113 Nicol.Russell@azed.gov Deputy Associate Superintendent of Early Childhood Special Education
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 61 - 80 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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