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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Amy Schick Tucson Office (520)628-6330 Amy.Schick@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Nancy Nowlin Tucson Office (520)628-6330 Nancy.Nowlin@azed.gov Program Specialist
Deniece Hammons State Initiatives (928) 637-1869 Deniece.Hammons@azed.gov Vouchers Specialist
Melissa De Vries State Initiatives (928)637-1870 Melissa.DeVries@azed.gov Director of State Initiatives and Flagstaff Office
Chris Lane State Initiatives (602) 364-4015 Christina.Lane@azed.gov ED-P and Approved Private Day Schools Specialist
Becky Raabe State Initiatives (928)637-1871 Becky.Raabe@azed.gov AZ Find and Parent Involvement Survey Specialist
Annie Sheppard State Initiatives (928)637-1863 Annie.Sheppard@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Barbara Sandy State Initiatives (928)637-1880 Barbara.Sandy@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Kay Schreiber Special Projects (602)542-5353 Kay.Schreiber@azed.gov State Guidance Counselor Supervisor
Alissa Trollinger Special Projects (602)364-4004 Alissa.Trollinger@azed.gov Director of Special Projects
Kay Schreiber Special Projects (602)542-5353 Kay.Schreiber@azed.gov College and Career Coordinator
Janis Shoop Secure Care (602) 542-3270 Janis.Shoop@azed.gov Secure Care Specialist
Aanya Rispoli Secure Care (602) 364-4022 Aanya.Rispoli@azed.gov Secure Care Specialist
Susan Voirol Secondary Transition (602)542-7882 Susan.Voirol@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Central & Southern Arizona
Jeannette Zemeida Secondary Transition (602)542-3855 Jeannette.Zemeida@azed.gov Senior Administrative Assistant
Ana Núñez Secondary Transition (602)542-4195 Ana.Nunez@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Northern Arizona
Lorrie Sheehy Secondary Transition (520)628-6351 Lorrie.Sheehy@azed.gov Transition Specialist - PSO Initiatives
Sophia Estrella Secondary Transition (602)542-9412 Sophia.Estrella@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Andi Asel Secondary Transition (602)542-3153 Andrea.Asel@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Western Arizona
Forster Okoli Research and Evaluation (602)542-5101 Forster.Okoli@azed.gov Program Specialist
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 1 - 20 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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