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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Andi Asel Secondary Transition (602)542-3153 Andrea.Asel@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Western Arizona
Denise Pawlak Funding (602)542-3398 Denise.Pawlak@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Evelyn Benavidez Funding (602)542-3850 Evelyn.Benavidez@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Alice Nunes Funding (602)542-3851 Alice.Nunes@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Jeannette Zemeida Secondary Transition (602)542-3855 Jeannette.Zemeida@azed.gov Senior Administrative Assistant
Sandra Laine PLS (602)542-3962 Sandra.Laine@azed.gov Reading Specialist
Ellen Hallan PLS (602)542-4006 Ellen.Hallan@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Maura Mall Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-4013 Maura.Mall@azed.gov Director of Program Support and Monitoring
Angela Denning Exceptional Student Services (602)542-4013 Angela.Denning@azed.gov Deputy Associate Superintendent
Mary Keeney Assistive Technology (602)542-4016 Mary.Keeney@azed.gov AT Specialist - Phoenix
Tanya Amador Funding (602)542-4022 Tanya.Amador@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Jennifer Huber PLS (602)542-4058 Jennifer.Huber@azed.gov Program Specialist - Recruitment, Retention, and Teacher Preparation
Audra Ahumada Alternate Assessment (602)542-4061 Audra.Ahumada@azed.gov Director of Alternate Assessment
Ingrid Rope Funding (602)542-4064 Ingrid.Rope@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Ramona Minter Operations (602)542-4083 Ramona.Minter@azed.gov Office Manager
Ana Núñez Secondary Transition (602)542-4195 Ana.Nunez@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Northern Arizona
William McQueary PLS (602)542-4195 William.McQueary@azed.gov Community of Practice Coordinator
Cathie Devers Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-4214 Cathie.Devers@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Linda Mosteller PLS (602)542-4469 Linda.Mosteller@azed.gov Professional Development Specialist
Celia Kujawski PLS (602)542-4610 Celia.Kujawski@azed.gov Grant Project Coordinator
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 61 - 80 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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