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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Aanya Rispoli Secure Care (602) 364-4022 Aanya.Rispoli@azed.gov Secure Care Specialist
Abby Sanchez PLS (602)364-3026 Abby.Sanchez@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Alice Nunes Funding (602)542-3851 Alice.Nunes@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Alissa Trollinger Special Projects (602)364-4004 Alissa.Trollinger@azed.gov Director of Special Projects
Allyson Dunn ASPIRE (602) 542-4386 Allyson.Dunn@azed.gov AZ Case Manager
Amanda Allen Dispute Resolution (928) 637-1867 Amanda.Allen@azed.gov Complaint Investigator
Amy Schick Tucson Office (520)628-6330 Amy.Schick@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Amy Dill Dispute Resolution (602)542-7579 Amy.Dill@azed.gov Early Resolution Specialist
Ana Núñez Secondary Transition (602)542-4195 Ana.Nunez@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Northern Arizona
Andi Asel Secondary Transition (602)542-3153 Andrea.Asel@azed.gov Transition Specialist - Western Arizona
Angela Denning Exceptional Student Services (602)542-4013 Angela.Denning@azed.gov Deputy Associate Superintendent
Angeles Swasey Alternate Assessment (602)542-8239 Angeles.Swasey@azed.gov Program Project Specialist
Ann Brusca Federal Initiatives (520) 628-6469 Ann.Brusca@azed.gov SPP/APR and Surrogate Parent Program Specialist
Ann Gortarez Assistive Technology (520)628-6665 Ann.Gortarez@azed.gov AT Specialist - Tucson
Annie Sheppard State Initiatives (928)637-1863 Annie.Sheppard@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
AnnMarie Short Program Support and Monitoring (602)364-4012 AnnMarie.Short@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Audra Ahumada Alternate Assessment (602)542-4061 Audra.Ahumada@azed.gov Director of Alternate Assessment
Barbara Sandy State Initiatives (928)637-1880 Barbara.Sandy@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Barbara Copeland Dispute Resolution (602)364-2442 Barbara.Copeland@azed.gov Complaint Investigator
Becky Raabe State Initiatives (928)637-1871 Becky.Raabe@azed.gov AZ Find and Parent Involvement Survey Specialist
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 1 - 20 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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