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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
AnnMarie Short Program Support and Monitoring (602)364-4012 AnnMarie.Short@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Audra Ahumada Alternate Assessment (602)542-4061 Audra.Ahumada@azed.gov Director of Alternate Assessment
Barbara Copeland Dispute Resolution (602)364-2442 Barbara.Copeland@azed.gov Complaint Investigator
William McQueary PLS (602)542-4195 William.McQueary@azed.gov Community of Practice Coordinator
Charles Johnson Operations (602)542-5080 Charles.Johnson@azed.gov Program Specialist
Chris Lane State Initiatives (602) 364-4015 Christina.Lane@azed.gov ED-P and Approved Private Day Schools Specialist
Connie Hill Funding (602)364-4020 Connie.Hill@azed.gov Director of Finance
Evelyn Benavidez Funding (602)542-3850 Evelyn.Benavidez@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Forster Okoli Research and Evaluation (602)542-5101 Forster.Okoli@azed.gov Program Specialist
Ingrid Rope Funding (602)542-4064 Ingrid.Rope@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Jeannette Zemeida Secondary Transition (602)542-3855 Jeannette.Zemeida@azed.gov Senior Administrative Assistant
Jeff Studer Dispute Resolution (602)542-3124 Jeffrey.Studer@azed.gov Early Resolution Specialist
Jennifer Huber PLS (602)542-4058 Jennifer.Huber@azed.gov Program Specialist - Recruitment, Retention, and Teacher Preparation
Leann Gilbreath Program Support and Monitoring (602) 542-5168 Leann.Gilbreath@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Marge Rehberg Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-1135 Margaret.Rehberg@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Mary Keeney Assistive Technology (602)542-4016 Mary.Keeney@azed.gov AT Specialist - Phoenix
Maura Mall Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-4013 Maura.Mall@azed.gov Director of Program Support and Monitoring
Peggy Staples Data Management (602)364-4024 Peggy.Staples@azed.gov Lead Data Management Specialist
Ramona Minter Operations (602)542-4083 Ramona.Minter@azed.gov Office Manager
Sheila Wallace Funding (602)364-4016 Sheila.Wallace@azed.gov Procurement Specialist
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 61 - 80 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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