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First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
Renee Donovan Program Support and Monitoring (520)770-3061 Renee.Donovan@azed.gov Program Specialist - Tucson
Celeste Nameth PLS (602)542-5445 Celeste.Nameth@azed.gov Multi-Tier Behavior Support Specialist
Annie Sheppard State Initiatives (928)637-1863 Annie.Sheppard@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Kay Schreiber Special Projects (602)542-5353 Kay.Schreiber@azed.gov State Guidance Counselor Supervisor
Cathie Devers Program Support and Monitoring (602)542-4214 Cathie.Devers@azed.gov Program Specialist - Phoenix
Tanya Amador Funding (602)542-4022 Tanya.Amador@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Melissa De Vries State Initiatives (928)637-1870 Melissa.DeVries@azed.gov Director of State Initiatives and Flagstaff Office
Kay Schreiber Special Projects (602)542-5353 Kay.Schreiber@azed.gov College and Career Coordinator
Denise Pawlak Funding (602)542-3398 Denise.Pawlak@azed.gov Grant Compliance Specialist
Lorrie Sheehy Secondary Transition (520)628-6351 Lorrie.Sheehy@azed.gov Transition Specialist - PSO Initiatives
Juliana Panqueva Early Childhood (602)364-1530 Juliana.Panqueva@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Ellen Hallan PLS (602)542-4006 Ellen.Hallan@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Rocio Munoz PLS (602)542-0610 Rocio.Munoz@azed.gov Administrative Assistant
Tracy Faulkner PLS (602)364-2195 Tracy.Faulkner@azed.gov Recruitment & Retention Specialist
Tracey Sridharan PLS (602)542-0398 Tracey.Sridharan@azed.gov Coaching Specialist
Sandra Laine PLS (602)542-3962 Sandra.Laine@azed.gov Reading Specialist
Linda Mosteller PLS (602)542-4469 Linda.Mosteller@azed.gov Professional Development Specialist
Carol Crawford PLS (602)364-2338 Carol.Crawford@azed.gov SPDG/PLS Coordinator
Oran Tkatchov PLS (602)364-2066 Oran.Tkatchov@azed.gov Director of Professional Development
Angeles Swasey Alternate Assessment (602)542-8239 Angeles.Swasey@azed.gov Program Project Specialist
First Last Department Phone Email Job Title
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Displaying 41 - 60 of 107 1 2 3 4 5 6

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