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Please note that the website for the Empowerment Scholarship Account is You can reach the ESA staff by email or telephone 602-364-1969.

Please visit the ESS Organization Chart to find a specific program area or ESS employee.  Use the search feature below to get contact information.

Phoenix Office Flagstaff Office Tucson Office
1535 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 542-4013
Fax: (602) 542-5404
3100 N. West St., Suite #300
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Phone: (928) 637-1860
Fax: (928) 526-5279
400 W. Congress, Suite 241
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 628-6330
Fax: (520) 628-6324

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Department First Last Phone Email Job Title
Alternate Assessment Angeles Swasey (602)542-8239 Program Project Specialist
Alternate Assessment Audra Ahumada (602)542-4061 Director of Alternate Assessment
Assistive Technology Ann Gortarez (520)628-6665 AT Specialist - Tucson
Assistive Technology Ramona Minter (602)542-3852 Administrative Assistant
Assistive Technology Mary Keeney (602)542-4016 AT Specialist - Phoenix
Assistive Technology Bruce Kennedy (928)637-1876 AT Specialist - Flagstaff
Data Management Nicole Armstrong (602)542-3854 Data Management Specialist
Data Management La'Thea Nevills (602)542-3057 Data Collection Coordinator
Data Management Peggy Staples (602)364-4024 Lead Data Management Specialist
Dispute Resolution Bob Fitzsimmons (520)628-6616 Complaint Investigator
Dispute Resolution Amy Dill (602)542-7579 Early Resolution Specialist
Dispute Resolution Early Resolution Specialists (855)383-9801 Early Resolution Specialists
Dispute Resolution Shannon Chavez (602)364-2447 Corrective Action Compliance Monitor of Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Jeff Studer (602)542-3124 Early Resolution Specialist
Dispute Resolution Barbara Copeland (602)364-2442 Complaint Investigator
Dispute Resolution Maureen Ringenoldus (602)364-4023 Complaint Investigator
Dispute Resolution Julie Albertson (602)542-3084 Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Dispute Resolution Kacey Gregson (602)542-3084 Director of Dispute Resolution
Early Childhood Nicol Russell (602)542-1113 Director of Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood Kathy Coloma (602)542-8732 Program Specialist - ECSE
Department First Last Phone Email Job Title
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