Program Support and Monitoring Staff Directory

Program Support and Monitoring serves public agencies and families throughout Arizona. Program specialists offer technical assistance and monitor special education programs in school districts and charter schools throughout the state.

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Phoenix – 1535 West Jefferson, Bin 24, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Maura Mall
(602) 542-4013
[email protected]

Education Program Specialists – Phoenix Office
Lisa Abbett [email protected] 602-364-4003
Cathie Devers [email protected] 602-542-4214
Leann Gilbreath [email protected] 602-542-5168
Jennifer Golanowski [email protected] 602-542-4267
Sonya Jones [email protected] 602-364-3007
Teresa Kirkman [email protected] 602-542-3005
Lisa Kunz [email protected] 602-364-4018
Margaret Rehberg [email protected] 602-542-1135
Stacy Riccio [email protected] 602-542-0384
Theresa Samuelian [email protected] 602-542-5167
Deanna Smith-Stout [email protected] 602-542-7072

Flagstaff – 3100 N. West St., Suite #300, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Education Program Specialists – Flagstaff Office
Jane Hecker [email protected] 928-637-1875 
Beth Jahsman [email protected] 928-637-1873
Jeff Morton [email protected] 928-637-1864
Susan Smith [email protected] 928-637-1874
Michelle Warburton [email protected] 928-637-1865

Tucson – 400 West Congress, Suite 241, Tucson, AZ 85701

Education Program Specialists – Tucson Office
Renee Donovan [email protected] 520-770-3061
Jay Johnson [email protected] 520-628-4719
Kim Lipp [email protected] 520-770-3811
Jane Mullins 520-628-6334
Sabrina Salmon [email protected] 520-770-3810
Travis Sherbourne [email protected] 520-770-3175
Darleen Sithole [email protected] 520-770-3376

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