AzEDS SPED Reporting Resources

Discover useful tools for those who submit data for students with disabilities to the Arizona Education Data Standards (AzEDS).  Find relevant AzEDS codes, tables that illustrate which needs may be reported with which service codes, and more.

Age Validations in AzEDS

ASDB Student Reporting

Criteria for MD and MDSSI

FAQs: Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for Students with Disabilities Ages 6-21

Flowchart: Determining Preschool Service Codes for AzEDS Reporting

Information Regarding Replacement of “Mental Retardation” with “Intellectual Disability”

Need and Service Code Eligibility

AzEDS Codes

SPED Exit Validations

SPED School Concurrency and Federal Primary Need Indicator

SPED Add On Weights

Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System


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