Arizona Parent Involvement Survey


As part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA ’04), the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS) section is required to report how well schools facilitate parent involvement in order to improve services and results for children with disabilities. This data is gathered from parents of children with disabilities through the Parent Involvement Survey and is published in the ADE/ESS Annual Performance Report (APR), which is posted with other public reports on the ESS website,

Each year selected public education agencies (PEAs)—school districts and charter schools—are required to administer the survey. PEAs are selected based on the year in which they are monitored by ADE/ESS. All PEAs will conduct the survey within a six-year period. By participating in the confidential survey, parents have an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Parents use a web-based application to submit their responses in English or Spanish. If parents do not have access to a computer, the PEA should make one available for parents’ use at the school. As an alternative for parents who do not want to submit an on-line survey, a paper copy of the survey will be offered to the parent, along with instructions on how to return the survey to the ADE/ESS. For both the online and paper surveys, PEAs give parents detailed survey instructions and a confidential user code and password.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Becky Raabe
Parent Involvement Survey Coordinator
Arizona Department of Education / Exceptional Student Services
(928) 637-1871 or 1-800-352-4558

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