Transition Planning: Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Rita Aitken & Gillian Aitken

We often hear about the importance of self-advocacy in transition, but without knowing oneself, how can one effectively advocate? What is the student’s role in directing her or his life? Please join this lively session, co-presented by a young adult with special healthcare needs, as she shares what she needed to know about herself before she could begin the path to a successful transition. Together, the presenters will explore the Transition Readiness Checklist tool, which can help to identify transition goals around areas of needed growth, existing strengths, and areas of interest. Participants will be provided information to add to their transition toolkits, use with families, use personally, or use with students. Do not miss this fun and informative session!



Transition Planning HANDOUT 1

Transition Planning HANDOUT 2