8/4/2014 – Contracted Schools In Annual Data Collection

The “Contracted” school  is new this year and refers to students that are contracted/tuitioned out to approved private day schools and residential treatment centers, as well as head start programs. Whether a PEA has a “Contracted” school is determined based on special education (SPED) participation data submitted to SAIS for a given reporting year. If your PEA had at least one student that was contracted/tuitioned out, then your PEA was assigned a “Contracted” school within the ESS Annual Data application.

Because approved private day schools, residential treatment centers, and head start programs do not have the authority to submit SPED participation data for the students that attend their facility/programs, the responsibility falls to the district of residence (DOR).

As the DOR, you will need to contact the appropriate school of attendance and ask them if the SPED student(s) in question had any disciplinary incidents to report and this data would then be manually entered in the discipline report sections shown as incomplete for the “Contracted” school. If there are no disciplinary incidents to report, simply submit “blank” data by clicking on the submit button at the bottom of each section.

If the “Contracted” school shows a status of incomplete, this will prevent you from proceeding with the final submission process which commences on Monday, August 4.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


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