Bipartisan Appropriations Bill for 2014: Most Funds Increased to Pre-sequestration Levels

Monday night (January 13th) the House and Senate Appropriators unveiled an omnibus funding bill that would finalize federal funding for the remainder of fiscal year 2014 (FFY 2014). A letter announcing the news is linked here. The bill increases spending in most programs to near pre-sequestration levels; most education programs are slated for greater appropriations than pre-sequestration amounts, but not all are greater than FFY 2013 or FFYY 2012 amounts. See the table of educational appropriations prepared by the education funding committee. See the table of subcommittee allocations.

Special education state grants will increase by nearly $500 million over final FY 2013 funding, but don’t reach FFY 2012 amounts. Although the proposed preschool development grant was not included in the bill, Race to the Top now includes competitive grant funding for developing or expanding preschool programs. For a summary of the bill, go to