11/27/2013 – Update: October 1, 2013 Federal Special Education Child Count

Update: October 1, 2013 Federal Special Education Child Count



Materials related to the October 1 Federal child count / special education (SPED) census, including instructions for each phase of the census process, frequently asked questions, and other resource documents are available on the ESS Data Management Federal SPED Census webpage


Child Count Date

The child count date for FY 2014 is October 1, 2013. Although this date has come and gone, please note that it was not a due date. This date is referred to as a “snapshot” date. Public education agencies (PEAs) are required to provide ADE/ESS with a count or “take a picture” of students with disabilities aged 3-21 who received special education (SPED) and related services on October 1. 

The October 1 SPED census count is to be completed by the District of Residence (DOR). Please refer to the Do’s and Don’ts document for guidance. 

Preschoolers transitioning to kindergarten eligibility should be included if this transition covered the October 1 count date and services continued to be provided based on the expired preschool eligibility. 

The October 1 SPED census is completed by age, not by grade.  Please refer to the following birthdate ranges:

  • Birthdate range for the 3-5 year-old count: October 2, 2007 through October 1, 2010
  • Birthdate range for the 6-21 year-old count: October 2, 1991 through October 1, 2007



A visual representation of the SPED census timeline is embedded below and is also accessible for printing on the ESS Data Management Federal SPED census webpage


Verification Letter

The verification letter should contain a non-SAIS count. This count should be derived from a different data source other than SAIS, such as your student management system (SMS), student rosters, or some other means under your control. Please take the time to provide an accurate count so reconciliation with SAIS data is possible in February 2014. 

Changes to the verification letter are not accepted after the due date of December 20, 2013. If you need to make changes to the verification letter previously submitted, please contact our office before December 20. 


SPED07 Report

The first SPED07 report is slated for Monday, December 23, 2013.

Do not delay in uploading your SPED participation data to SAIS. Integrity processing is tentatively scheduled for twice per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Upon completion of each integrity processing, an updated version of the SPED07 report will be generated. 



Failure to successfully upload special education participation data into SAIS that is consistent with the count identified in the verification letter will have an impact on PEA Determinations. In order to be considered reconciled, both the 3-5 year-old count and the 6-21 year old count will need to match. 

The deadline to submit complete SPED participation data uploads to SAIS is Friday, January 31, 2014.

The reconciliation deadline is Friday, February 28, 2014. The purpose of this deadline is to ensure any and all corrections to previous SPED participation uploads are submitted for reconciliation of the October 1 SPED census count. 


Training Opportunities

The fall training opportunities relevant to the verification phase are coming to a close. The last “Detective Work: Census Verification” webinar session is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, 2013. If interested, please register here

We are in the process of putting together the regional workshop and webinar trainings for the winter series that will cover “SOS for SAIS – Advanced” and the “Detective Work: Census Reconciliation.” A Data Management Alert will be forthcoming regarding these winter training opportunities very soon.  

In the Spring, we will be offering webinars only for the non-reconciliation phase. More information will be forthcoming after the reconciliation phase of this year’s October 1 SPED census has been completed. 


Feel free to contact ESS Data Management with any questions.

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