Polls, Surveys and Reports

There have been three different surveys have been released on the public’s views of education and education policies.

Survey by the Associated Press (AP) – it was released this past weekend. Here’s a link: http://www.joycefdn.org/assets/1/7/Parents_Attitudes_FINAL_Report.pdf

Survey from Education Next magazine: This one was released yesterday. Here’s a link:  http://educationnext.org/files/2013ednextpoll.pdf

The Phi Delta Kappa and the Gallup Poll released results of their 45th annual edition of the PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools.  http://pdkintl.org

Good News Resources

  • The Center on Education Policy at The George Washington University has just released two more reports in its series on state implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The first report released today, Year 3 of Implementing the Common Core State Standards: An Overview of States’ Progress and Challenges, broadly examines states’ efforts to implement the Common Core, and includes information on the timelines for teaching a Common-Core aligned curricula,  state actions to help schools and districts prepare for the standards, and state education agency capacity to implement the Common Core. The second report, Year 3 of Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Professional Development for Teachers and Principals, looks at which entities are providing Common Core related-professional development services within the states, the estimated proportion of teachers and principals that have participated in such services, and the challenges that states face in preparing educators to teach a Common Core-aligned curricula.  Both reports are based on data from a spring 2013 survey of state education agency officials in 40 Common Core-adopting states.These reports, as well as other reports in the series, are posted on the CEP Web site (www.cep-dc.org) and can be downloaded free-of-charge.
  • The National Center for Special Education Research at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has released a new report, Synthesis of IES Research on Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education The report describes what has been learned from research supported by IES and published in peer-reviewed outlets through June 2010 across four focal areas:
  1. Early childhood classroom environments and general instructional practices;
  2. Educational practices designed to impact children’s academic and social outcomes;
  3. Measuring young children’s skills and learning; and
  4. Professional development for early educators.